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Food, climate, health and the universal solution. 

You could say a seed was planted by my mother through my grandmother, the OG health food fanatic. The seed sprouted during graduate studies in Nutrition Education, then grew steadily as I learned more about nutrition, sustainability and community health through ...

Feel the Plant Based Benefits

A whole foods plant based diet can add years to your life and vitality to your years. Even small steps can make a difference to your health. Confused about what is best for you? Green Bites integrates the science into easy actions customized to your health goals and culinary preferences. Improve your physical ...

Professional Services

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Services

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Services

Plant Forward [No Labels] Nutrition Subscription™

Get the personalized attention you deserve with my 3 month program. Harness the power of plant-based food and nutrition - all eaters …

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$2,475.00 all inclusive

Plant Forward Menu Updates

Plant-based hospitality consultant specializing in school nutrition, group homes, and veganizing traditional foods. 

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Group Workshops

Engaging, interactive classes, in person or online, with or without food demo.

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Eat Veg, Save $ & Planet

Use my code to get $10 off your first box delivery at Misfits Market.




Elisa ran two fabulous cooking sessions at a women’s retreat I hosted in Florida. She was a huge hit and the food was delicious! The group had a...  Read more
Jun 20, 2023
Jessica Morgenthal
Elisa came to my home to introduce me to plant-based cooking. I had no idea you could make “cheese” with nuts, and the “meatless balls of yum” were...  Read more
Mar 14, 2023
Lisa Knoop


Digital Resources

Digital Resources

Beautiful Bowls

Bowls are a simple way to put together delicious …

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